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 My Blogs

Below are samples of my writing, please see the list of past blogs I have written and published.

Blog Title Image for Nonprofit

BAASS Connect Series: Non For Profit

The blog was written for a SAAS company called BAASS Business Solutions. The blog focuses on common operational challenges within the non for profit industry.

Blog Title Image for Women In Tech

The Power of Diversity: Celebrating the Achievements of Women in Tech

This blog explores the importance of diversity in the tech industry and celebrates the accomplishments of women.

Financial Service Blog Title Image

BAASS Connect Series: Financial Services

The blog was written for a SAAS company called BAASS Business Solutions. The content includes a list of 4 ways to improve your company’s financial services.

CRM Blog Title Image

How to Over Come Common CRM Challenges

Many businesses struggle with maintaining accurate customer data, keeping track of customer interactions across multiple channels, and providing personalized customer experiences. This blog highlights how the right CRM platform can eliminate these issues. 

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4 Great Financial Forecasting Models

Shareholders and business owners need reassurance that a business has been and will continue to be, successful. This blog will explain essential tips to improve your financial forecasting model.  


Blog Title Image

BAASS Connect Series: Improving Manufacturing Productivity With Strategies And Solutions

This blog discusses four various solutions and strategies that could benefit and increase manufacturers’ productivity while shedding light on the pain points experienced by manufacturers.