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Social Content & Graphics 

Checkout a mix of social content and graphics that I designed. 

Why The Post Was Successful

This post was a last-minute attempt to gain registration for an upcoming event called BAASS Connect. The contest campaign helped generate brand awareness and increased customer engagement. The time frame of this contest only lasted between June 2nd to June 6th, and the dates ran over a weekend. With 8 repost in a small time frame this post was a success for the company BAASS Business Solutions. 

Why The Post Was Successful

This was a successful social posts that received over 200 impressions and drove traffic directly to my webinar registration page. The post is clear and easy to understand. My goal was to target current customers who wanted to optimize their accounts payable process with AP Automation. The keyword “AP Automation” helped attract customers who were searching for information on this term.   

Why The Post Was Successful

This post celebrates community and industry expertise. BAASS’s presence at the TPAC convention shows that the company is consistently learning and growing, while staying updated with industry trends. 

Amanda Diflorio